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future design

We are designers that use a new full-color 3D printing process to create original sculptures that can be attached to any hat. Magnets are inserted into the back of the designs and an accompanying attachment is placed on the inside of the hat.

Each design starts as a blank digital canvas that we build on by combining 3D sculptures with 2D images, creativity is the limit.  Since our designs exist as digital files and can be 3D printed on-demand they are a physical digital hybrid product. Each design can be completely original leading to one of a kind designs as well as limited editions. 


Our digital products combined with 3D printing as our manufacturing method puts us on the cutting edge of multiple emerging technologies.  Our designs and processes are lean, sustainable, futuristic and original.

These designs can exist digitally and be 3D printed on-demand leading to low turn around time to manufacture a design as well as low material waste.

You can go from product concept to tangible product faster than ever before. Existing designs can be remixed to offer more variation without increasing manufacturing costs.

Combining art and style, customization, digital inventory, and manufacturing in brand new ways, we are pushing the boundaries for what comes next.


looking to the future

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