My name is Drew Williams and I create these designs.  I find inspiration from browsing artwork in many different formats and will be continuously adding designs using new ideas.  3D printing offers an unlimited amount of customization for designs which gives me the freedom to make what I want.  Each design is 3D printed with a type of material similar to sandstone making them basically small sculptures, they are not made from plastic.

Magnets and Backer

Each hat design is 3D printed and fitted with a set of powerful magnets.  A back piece with another set of magnets, placed on the inside of the hat, is used to secure the design.  The design is very secure when attached to the hat and there is no chance of it becoming separated from the hat through normal use.

Orders and Shipping

After placing an order, the hat design selected is 3D printed and then goes through a post-print process to enhance the strength and colors of the print.  Once the post-print process has been completed the hat design is fitted with the magnets and a back piece before being shipped out.  The entire process of printing, post-processing and adding magnets to the hat design takes about 2 weeks.  Please be aware that because of this process it will take a few weeks for your order to reach you. This process is in place to ensure that the product being delivered is of the highest quality.